General Terms & Conditions of Sale

General Terms & Conditions of Sale


The booking of your chalet is taken into account when, and only when the agreement is given by the reservation team (According to the availabilities), and we acknowledge the of the first down payment of 25% of the total amount of your stay + the 10.00 "€ booking fees. The cancellation insurance of 3.8%  is optional.

Balance of your account

The balance of your account shall be paid one month before arrival. The corresponding amount shall be reminded to you on the confirmation letter, once your booking is taken into account.

On arrival

  1. The tourist tax shall be paid on arrival. (Different from one area to another)
  2. A guarantee of 300.00 € will also be asked to you, and will be returned to you after inspection of your accommodation. (Breakages, cleaning, damage, etc...)

Late arrivals

Passed 24 hours, and without any advice from you, your accommodation will be considered as vacant.

The accomodation

  1. The contract is in the Occupier’s name and cannot be transferred or sub-let to another person.
  2. The accommodation can only be occupied by 6 persons maximum. An added chalet is necessary with the presence of a 7th person. An infant counts as a full person.


For any accomodation not returned in perfect cleaning condition, a charge of 45.00 € will be deducted from the amount of the deposit. (Fixed cleaning charge)


  1. Any failure to pay the correct amount of the booking deposit, within the allotted time will cause the booking to be cancelled, and a standard charge will be withheld
  2. Any booking cancellation must be made in writing (Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt)
  3. Without subscription of insurance cancellation, you will have to regulate the totality of the balance of your stay.
  4. With subscription of insurance cancellation, only the down payment equivalent to 25% of the total amount of your stay, + the 10.00 € booking fees, will be preserved.


The family nature of our sites requires that our guests conduct themselves appropriately. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Site rules

  1. Admission: The contract is in the Occupier’s name and cannot be transferred or sub-let to another person. Maximum occuancy is 6 people. Any additional guests will require the Occupier to rent another chalet. Tents and caravans are not permitted. Ifon arrivalany of the above rules are violated p(eg: there are more than 6 people or guests bring with them a Category 1 or 2 dog), the Management has the right, in the interest of all parties, to refuse the Occupier access to the Site, and to demand that they settle any Ustanding monies. Access to and occupation of the chalet is only permitted to those who are authorised by the Management, or its Representatives. Guests must have proof of identity and a copy of their rental agreement. The family nature of our sites requires that our guests conduct themselves appropriately. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Visitors: Guests are welcome to visit those staying here and to take advantage of the park’s facilities, but only after having reported to Reception. The Occupiers are held fully responsible for the conduct of their guests whilst -they are visiting the Park.
  3. Noise: Silence is expected between the hours of 11:00pm and 8:00am, except in an emergency/on special occasions. After 11:00pm, guests are asked to minimise any noise that may disturb their neighbours (eg: televisions, radios, ghetto-blasters, the slamming of car doors, etc).
  4. Pets: Dogs and other pets are welcome on the express understanding that they do not inconvenience or disturb others. Under no circumstances may they be allowed to roam free around the site, and they are not to be left unattended, whether inside or outside the accommodation. Dog owners are asked to walk their dogs outside the parkto clean up after them and to ensure that they do not bark excessively. All animals must satisfy the French veterinary regulations and owners must be able to produce the documen­tation relevant to their pet’s health, proof of identity, evidence of vaccinations, etc. Each animal costs an additional 17.00 €. Dogs in Categories 1 and 2 are prohibited.
  5. Traffic & Parking: Only the vehicles of residents are allowed on site, and only 1 vehicle per chalet. All other vehicles, including those of visitors, must either be parked at the entrance to the park, or outside it. Drivers are asked to respect the road signs, and not to exceed the maximum speed limit of 10km/6 miles per hour. Vehicle movement is banned, except in the case of emergencies/on special occasions, between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am. Parking on the verge and on the lawns is not allowed.
  6. Site Cleanliness & Outside Spaces: Everyone staying here is requested to make every effort to keep the site clean. Our guests are asked:
    • To place all rubbish bags in the containers provided, and not to leave them lying around the chalets.
    • To sort and bin accordingly the recycling – newspapers, paper & card, plastic containers & packaging, glass.
    • Recyclincontainers are provided – for more information, please contact Reception.
    • Not to attach washing lines to the chalets or trees. *uests are welcome to use the washing machines and dryers situated next to the main building – tokens can be purchased at Reception.
    • To respect the gardens and public areas.
  7. Safety: Open fires are prohibited. Only electric barbeques are allowed. Guests are invited to rent these from Reception. Please ensure that all necessary safety measures are taken to protect personal possessions and the site.
  8. Playgrounds & Swimming Pools: Noisy and energetic games that disturb others (eg: ball games) are not allowed close to the buildings. Children must be supervised by an adult and we specifically ask that they are not permitted to climb on the rocks and raised ground within the park. Children are welcome to use the playground under parental guidance. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when in and around the swimming pool – the Management does not provide a lifeguard and takes no responsibility for those using the pool. Rubber rings, Lilos and inflatable toys are strictly forbidden.
  9. Emergency Procedures: In the case of an emergency, please stay calm and go directly to the assembly point indicated.
  10. The Management, or its Representativesare responsible for the correct running of the “Parc Rsidentiel de Loisirs”. It has the right to sanction serious misde­meanours. Any shortcomings or damage is tAe full responsibility of the perpetrator and can lead to his or her expulsion

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